Snapdeal Query Panel is Launched – Making Tracking Request Easier

Snapdeal has been on a roll recently.

They recently started a webinar series where a representative from Snapdeal conducted a short webinar about various topics such as a managing and operating an order panel, shipping times and shipping limits and many other topics.

Now they have launched a seller query panel, a knowledge base cum support request tracking feature.

With the launch of the query panel, sellers can breath a sigh of relief. I’ll explain why.

Problems with Snapdeal Seller Support

Till now, any issues you had were to be emailed to This would mean any questions about products not being live, inventory, returns were to handled over email.

Even product damage complaints like Flipkart SPF Claim were handled over email.

This resulted in a few problems.

Since all the queries are handled over email, sellers would have to keep track of the open tickets manually. If you are processing a large number of orders, this would be very painful.

Since you can contact seller support using your registered e-mail ID only, you could not assign your employees to take care of this by themselves. The other option would be give them access to your e-mail. Not everyone would prefer that option.

Another problem was of policy clarification. Even for small details, you had to contact seller support and wait for them to respond which would take approximately 24 hours.

With the launch of the query panel, these problems are taken care of.

What Can You Do In Snapdeal Query Panel

  • You can track your existing complaints directly on the query panel
  • You can assign employees to raise tickets and concerns directly via query panel
  • You can get answers to frequent questions via the query panel

Let’s dive in and see how it looks.

To access the Query Panel, you have to access your seller panel.

On the left, where you see the Order Panel and Inventory Panel Links, you will see the Query Panel link.

Snapdeal Query Panel

Snapdeal Query Panel

This is how the interface looks, a clean search box in the middle and the list of your created tickets below.

Snapdeal Query Panel Interface

Snapdeal Query Panel Interface

An interesting thing to note is that you can also see all your old queries listed here as well. This is pretty useful.

Snadeal Query Panel Old Queries

Snadeal Query Panel Old Queries

A weird thing that I noticed here is that the response to your seller queries is not shown in the interface. For example, I have already recived a response to this query over email, but the response is not being shown here even when the query is being shown as resolved. Hopefully this will be improved in the near future.

Snapdeal Query Panel No Response Shown

Snapdeal Query Panel No Response Shown

Let’s go to the new query and see how the interface looks.

When you visit the new query option, you will be presented with a list of all popular questions in various areas such as shipping, order management, inventory etc. Almost all your basic questions will be answered here.

Snapdeal Query Panel Question Answer Section

Snapdeal Query Panel Question Answer Section

However, if you still have doubts, you can submit a new query by selecting a relevant category and sub-category.

Let’s try to raise an issue about a returned proudct.

I will choose the relevant category and sub-category.

Raise New Query in Snapdeal Query Panel

Raise New Query in Snapdeal Query Panel

As you can see, as soon as I choose the applicable categorues, the questions most relevant for that category automatically show up on the screen. This is useful so sellers can get answers quickly.

However, if you have a new query, you should raise it be selecting the ‘Submit Query’ button.

I will submit a new query to show you how it will work.

When you submit new query, you will see the interface in below screen shot.

Snapdeal Query Panel New Query Interface

Snapdeal Query Panel New Query Interface

You should describe the problem in detail and provide relevant images (if relevant to the query) for a quick resolution.

Currently you can upload a maximum of 5 images with of 5 MB each.

If you have more images to share, you should zip the images and then upload them on the portal.

Once you have attached the images and described the problem, click on ‘Submit’. Your query will be submitted to Snapdeal and you will receive a confirmation email as well.


The query panel is a step in the right direction. Its not perfect yet, but I hope with new features addition in the future, the Query Panel will become a useful tool for all online sellers.

What features do you think should be added to the seller panel, let me know in the comments, I respond to each one.

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