How To Do Keyword Research For Flipkart Products

Flipkart Keyword Research

Why Do You Need Flipkart Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis of an SEO campaign.

By identifying what your ideal users type into the search engines, you can start to create content that is useful for them.

By keyword research for flipkart products is different.

Flipkart does not rank products on keywords alone. Nor do you create links to rank your products higher.

However, identifying keywords and implementing them in your products increases the likelihood that your products would be found and you would increase your sales on Flipkart.

Why is Ranking Higher in Flipkart Important

People shopping on e-commerce websites mostly rely on search to find products they are looking for.

Even Amazon reports that search is the primary way that customer find products on their website.

Since your potential customers are using search to find products, it becomes important for your products to appear higher in search results to gather more sales and impressions.

Ranking Higher In Flipkart – Factors

If keyword research is not the only factor involved, then it becomes important to identify what factors are involved in ranking higher on Flipkart.

While Flipkart does not release information about ranking factors, a reasonable estimate can be made by seeing products that are already ranking higher.

Based on my personal observation, I have noticed that the following factors affect ranking of products.

  • Location of buyer and seller (to reduce delivery time, sellers close to buyers are displayed first)
  • Number of seller ratings
  • Number of product ratings
  • Percentage of product returns
  • Conversion rate of product (number of sales divided by product page views)
  • Click through rate of product in search results
  • Keywords association of product co-related with sales (if a product converts well for specific keywords, then it can be ranked higher for those keywords)
  • Number of ratings/reviews on the product

I am sure that there might be more factors taken into consideration and I will update the list as I find more.

Targeting the important keywords can bring long term results for your products. Since Flipkart does not understand the product descriptions, the only way to understand what a product characteristics are is through keyword association.

Here is how it would work.

Let’s assume that you are selling T-shirts. You have funny quotes on the tshirts and your ideal keyword to rank for would be ‘funny t-shirts’.

You use the ideal keyword in the title and description and everywhere you can.

Flipkart will index all this information about your keywords and products.

Since Flipkart backend cannot process natural language, it is impossible for Flipkart to asses whether or not the description of the products is stuffed with un-neccesary keywords.

A description like the following would look perfectly natural to Flipkart.
“This cotton plain tshirt is extra soft, stretchable and comfortable. This body hugging t-shirt has excellent quality and high quality funny graphic on it. The humorous t-shirt will fit well and lasts long. The funny tshirt has vibrant colors which don’t fade.”

While grammatically correct, the description contains tons of keywords which the seller is trying to rank for.

Because sellers are free to choose the description of their choice, depending on keywords alone won’t be a wise choice to generate rankings for products,

Keyword Associations

Since Flipkart can’t use keywords alone to determine ranking, a more reliable metric has to used to understand what products should rank for which keywords.

Enter Keyword Associations

Keyword associations is simply associating keywords to products by measuring sales.

Example: If a customer searches for cotton t shirts and selects a listing and purchases it, then that keyword can be associated with that particular product.

Since Flipkart’s goal is to sell more products, it makes business sense to showcase products that sell well for particular keywords.

I don’t have the data to support this theory, but based on my observations in my own business, my listings appear higher for target keywords after I make few sales in the category.

Identifying and Discovering Keywords for Flipkart

Now that we have established that keywords affect ranking on Flipkart, its time to identify keywords that you can use in your listings.

Here are a few ways you can identify keywords for your Flipkart listings.

  1. Creating a list of seed keywords
  2. Checking listings that are ranking for those seed keywords
  3. Flipkart Auto Suggest
  4. Google Auto Suggest
  5. Google Keyword Planner

Let’s look at the individual steps one by one.

Creating A List Of Seed Keywords

Seed keywords mean a short and simple list of keywords that you think that your customers will use to search for your keywords. The seed keywords are usually short, just 1 or 2 words in length.

For example, for t-shirts with funny quotes on them, you might choose to create a seed keyword list like:
* tshirts
* funny tshirts
* humour thirts
* joke tshirts
* quote tshirts

and a few more.

A seed list is important as we will use this basic keyword list to create a longer list of keywords.

Checking Listings That Are Ranking For Those Seed Keywords

The next step is to take the seed keyword list and them search using them on Flipkart.

Take a look and note down the important characteristics of the top 5 listings and see what do they have in common.

You should focus on:

  1. Number of seller ratings
  2. Number of product rating and reviews
  3. Keywords used in title
  4. Keywords used in description
  5. Keywords used in reviews by reviewers

Based on this information you will be able to estimate the keyword use of these listings.

Flipkart Auto Suggest

Flipkart Auto Suggest is the most fantastic place to look for keywords as it gives you actual information about what real users are looking to buy.

In other words, they are known as ‘commercial keywords’ as there generate sales.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any automated tool that can scrape keyword suggest from Flipkart. The process has to be done manually.

Its pretty simple, but a little time taking. Here is how I would do it.

  • Take the list of all the seed keywords.
  • Starting using the seed keywords in the Flipkart Search Box
  • Take note of all the suggestions

Tip: To extract additional keywords, put an additional character in front of each keyword to show more keywords that you can use.


Google Auto Suggest

You must be thinking, why are looking for Google keywords when we want to rank on Flipkart?

Its simple, Google auto suggest can contain a lot of informational as well as commercial keywords. By using the best keywords from both, you increase your chances of ranking higher in both Flipkart and Google search results.

Fortunately, there are tools that do the hard work for you and scrape the data from Google Auto Suggest.

The simplest tool for this is ubersuggest.

Simply open the tool, enter your seed keywords and press go. You will be presented with hundreds of keywords that you can target.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an important tool for keyword research in general.

The benefit of using Google Keyword Planner that you will be able to see what keywords are being bid on.

Those keywords are commercial in nature and tend to be best for conversions.

By using the list of keywords from Google Keyword Planner, you can enhance your Flipkart listings and get more visibility.

Places Where To Embed Keywords In Flipkart Listings

Now that you have a solid keyword base to start, its time to figure out where to embed these keywords. Unlike a blog post, you have multiple places where you can embed these keywords.

A few of these places are:

  • Flipkart Listing Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Key Features
  • Search Terms

Let’s see how each of them are done

Flipkart Listing Title

This is the simplest option. Just put your important keywords in the keyword title and you are good to go.

However, for a lot of product categories, Flipkart re-writes the titles and does not allow the seller to choose the title. In those categories, you can select some of the other methods.

Product Description

This is a sure-shot way of embedding your keywords in your products. By creating descriptions for your products that contain your most important keywords, you increase the chances of them ranking higher.

However, I have noticed that keywords in description can sometimes be ignored by Flipkart altogether. This relates to keyword stuffing as I mentioned earlier.

Product Key Features

This key features is a four point bullet ed list of 22 characters each that is displayed along side the product listings in both category pages as well as product details page.

There is not too much space available here, but if you get creative you can embed a couple of keywords in there as well.

Based on my research, keywords in key features have a higher weight-age than keywords in the product description.

Search Terms

Search terms is a feature in Flipkart where in you can provide a list of keywords that you want to rank for. These words are words that can be used by customers looking to purchase your products but don’t fit the title of the product.

Some examples:
Thumb drive, pen drive, pocket drive, 2 GB drive.

All the above keywords are intended to be for a USB flash drive but pen drive and other keywords are commonly used.

If you use a bulk listing method on Flipkart, you can embed all the search terms in the search terms field separated by a “:”.

If you are creating products individually then you will have to input search terms one by one.

Tracking Results

Since Flipkart provides little information about organic impressions, the majority of tracking would be informed guesses at best. Try to observe increase in sales velocity after making these changes.

If you are following these strategies for a completely new product then currently you have no way of accurately tracking impressions.

If you using Flipkart ads (PLA’s), then you would be able to track impressions of your products.

I have to test more to understand whether Flipkart Ads algorithm uses keyword data to calculate significance and therefore show ads.


Selling online is competitive. You can give your Flipkart business an edge by targeting the right mix of keywords on your listings.

Have questions, ask me in the comments below.

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