KartRocket Review from a Long Time Customer

 This post has been updated with great inputs from Saahil Goel, founder of KartRocket. All updates highlighted. 

India’s e-commerce market is booming right now.

People from all nooks and corners want to join the e-commerce bandwagon.

Who wouldn’t? The prospects look great. Selling from anywhere, selling to people across India, even the world, is a very lucrative proposition.

Add to that the success of mega giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal and few more, the craze the become the next big thing is at an all time high.

But everyone is not technically competent to open, run and manage an e-commerce store.

While there are plenty of open source (almost free) e-commerce platforms available, such as Magento Community edition, Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce etc, these softwares still requires hosting, installation, configuration, security management and a lot of other things that the average person cannot comprehend.

Sensing the opportunity, many companies have come up that take all the pain away and make starting an e-commerce store as easy as possible. Some of the popular ones in India are Shopify, Build A Bazaar, Zepo, Kartrocket, Shop2grab and a few new entrants that I am not aware of.

I have been a KartRocket customer for over a year now for my store Dressmyphone. This is my attempt to provide an honest, un-biased in depth review of the KartRocket platform.

Disclaimer: This is not a rant or critisism. The aim of this post is not to criticize KartRocket. The goal here is to provide a detailed feedback and give all the users who are considering KartRocket an inside look into the advantages and the shortcomings of the platform. KartRocket is a startup and no product is perfect. A product like KartRocket cannot be all things to all people as every store owner would want a customized solution. It is most likely that the other platforms mentioned here have similar features and problems. But since I am a KartRocket customer, I am providing only a KartRocket Review. Anyone from KartRocket team is encouraged to leave feedback on the review and comment on specific issues in the review and I will update the article.

Also, I will be reviewing only the features that I have used. For example, ShipRocket, a popular service which automates shipping needs for customers, will not be reviewed here as I have not used it (even after wanting to use it). I will however, mention all these features at the end of this review.

KartRocket Review

I will be covering the following aspects in this review

1. KartRocket Set up Process

2. Overall Costs you will pay KartRocket

3. Frontend Features of KartRocket

  • Themes Available
  • Top Menu Options
  • Product Search
  • Category Page Options
  • Product Page Options
  • Checkout

4. Backend

  • Catalog Upload in bulk and individually
  • Order processing
  • Store Design
  • Blogs
  • Coupon Code features
  • Product Review Features
  • SEO features
  • API

5. Performance

6. Missing Features

7. Bugs

8. Support

9. Everything Else

10. Conclusion


Set Up Process

The set up process is pretty straightforward and easy. Just register on the Kartrocket.com, and start uploading products. You can be online is a very short time. They also offer a free plan with a limit of 200 products. Apart from that there are 3 more plans as shown below.

KartRocket Pricing

KartRocket Pricing


You can choose a plan to your liking, start importing your products, point your domain name to your KartRocket account, and you are live. It’s pretty quick and the support helps you out in any on-boarding problems.


 The KartRocket setup process is pretty easy and straightforward. 

Costs Involved

There are 3 paid plans to choose from. The pricing mentioned does not include service tax so the final price would be 14% higher than as mentioned. You should note that these costs are only for hosting and maintaining the store and do not include any services like product photography, content writing, description writing etc. Those costs will have to be borne by you (store owner). Other costs that will be applicable are shipping costs, applicable taxes on products that are sold, service tax payable on shipping. You should account for all these costs before you launch your online store.

KartRocket Pricing

KartRocket Pricing


 KartRocket pricing may not be the lowest in the industry, but they are pretty affordable. 


I’ll explore a few options on the frontend.

Themes (Updated)

KartRocket features quite a few themes for free. As of today there 98 themes available to choose from many of which are responsive out the box. A responsive website means which adapts automatically based on the device that it’s being viewed on. So, customers who are visiting your store from their phones will see a website that is optimized for mobile while desktop users will see a website optimized for desktop.

With the recent Google Mobile Friendly Update, a responsive design is crucial not only for SEO, but also for a good customer experience.


Here is an image that shows off a few themes that KartRocket offers:

Kartrocket Themes

Kartrocket Themes



KartRocket is now offering a WAP version of the website which is mobile only version of your website. The benifit of a WAP site is that it is tailored to mobile interfaces and loads fairly quickly. Interested customers can opt-in from the admin panel. I will use the feature and provide feedback here.


 There are plenty of themes in KartRocket to choose from. However, the themes will not be customizable. 

Top Menu (Updated)

All themes that come bundeled with KartRocket come with a top menu pre-installed. This makes it easy for customers to find specific categories on your store. Here is what my menu looks like.

Dressmyphone Menu

Dressmyphone Menu


And here’s what Jazzmyride‘s (another Kartrocket customer) menu looks like




The menu is also responsive and renders nicely on Mobile Sites.

However, there is where it ends. There are no other options available in the menu. You can only add text links. Here is how Dressmyphone’s menu looks when hovered.


Dressmyphone Top Menu

Dressmyphone Top Menu


Now look at a Woo-Commerce Plugin that provides a rich menu.

Advanced Menu

Advanced Menu


KartRocket does offer a rich menu, but its limited to a few of its themes right now (v2). Unfortunately I missed the announcement and was running a v1 theme which supports the basic menu. Here is a link to the announcement of rich themes and also how to configure them.

Here is a gif showing the rich menu on a customer’s store

KartRocket Rich Menu

KartRocket Rich Menu



 Clearly, there is a lot that can be improved with the menu. 


Product Search

Product search for an e-commerce store is as important as GPS in a new city. Without a descent search, customers won’t be able to find products on your store. That means you are leaving money on the table.

Even Amazon reports that search is the primary way people find products on their website.

Amazon Search

Amazon Search

Therefore, your search experience should be extremely good for a good customer experience. Let’s see how KartRocket’s search holds up.


KartRocket Search

KartRocket Search

As you see, the search is not Ajax based. Ajax based search starts returning results as soon as you start typing.

Here is how it looks on the Flipkart website.

Flipkart Search

Flipkart Search

It is a general best practice to have instant search with product images as it results in the highest conversions.

Since search is so important, it is extremely important to see what your users are searching for on your website. Surprisingly, KartRocket provides no way of looking at keywords that your customers have been using to search on your website.

Thankfully, this can be logged using Google Analytics.


 KartRocket site search is pretty basic and has a lot of room for improvement. 


Category Pages

Category pages on an e-commerce store are known as the ‘money pages’. For niche sites category pages become extremely important. Showing the most important products in the beginning can be crucial for conversions. Let’s analyze KartRocket’s category page.

This is how Dressmyphone’s category page looks like..

Dressmyphone Category Page

Dressmyphone Category Page


As you see, no filter on the left hand coulmn. However, the customer has the option of sorting the products based on a few criteria.

I also checked Jazzmyride’s category page to see if the results were consistent. Here is how the sidebar looked.

Jazzmyride Sidebar

Jazzmyride Sidebar


All the sorting options are in fact available. My assumption will be it depends on the theme or product details/variations set up in the store admin.


 All sorting and filtering options are available in KartRocket. Also, KartRocket supports infinite scroll via Ajax. 


Product Pages

The product pages on KartRocket will vary theme to theme, so comparing theme related features isn’t feasible. I will try to highlight import features on the product page.

Here is how Dressmyphone’s Product page looks like.

Dressmyphone Product Page

Dressmyphone Product Page

The important things that can be seen here are:

Social Sharing Icons are visible

Product Images are clearly visible

Delivery Options can be checked with Pin Code Checker

Visible Breadcrubs (not visible in screenshot)

Related Products


The pin-code checker is an important feature for the Indian context where COD is the most used payment method.

Note: The positioning of all above elements will depend on the theme chosen. That is the reason I have not commented specifically for that.


 KartRocket product page has almost all necessary features. 

Checkout (Updated)

Checkout is an extremely important step as well on an e-commerce store. The user has visited your store, spent time to check out your products and selected one to purchase. A problem with the checkout can be extremely frustrating for the user and very expensive for the store owner. Let’s see how the checkout goes on KartRocket.

After you add product to cart and checkout, you will come to this page.

Kartrocket Checkout Step 1

Kartrocket Checkout Step 1

Points to note

Guest Checkout option is available

Social Login with Facebook is available.

The progress bar on top is great for user experience.

If you register and continue checkout, the next step comes up like this:

KartRocket Checkout Step 2

KartRocket Checkout Step 2

Points to note

Balanced View of total payments to be done by the customer

Only minimum fields asked for in checkout

Progress bar updates to highlight remaining steps

Pin Code, city, state can be populated automatically if pin code checker was used on product page


Once you save and continue, the next step looks like this

KartRocket Checkout Step 3

KartRocket Checkout Step 3


Points to note here

Order confirmation SMS field is good

COD icon is clearly visible

COD fee is not applied even at this step, which is the primary reason users abandon their carts


After you finish this step, the next step looks like

KartRocket Checkout Step 4

KartRocket Checkout Step 4


Important points to note

Tabbed view of payment options is good

COD icon visibility is good

Confirm order CTA is good

COD fee is applied at the last step, which leads to poor conversions


Once you confirm the order, you are taken a thank you page with this popup. You will also recieve an COD confirmation code on your mobile number.

KartRocket Checkout Step 5

KartRocket Checkout Step 5


Points to be noted

COD verification system is extremely useful

This step happens at the end of checkout, that means all user info is already captured.

Only valid mobile numbers will receive the message, therefore weeding out fake orders

Some users report that they did not get the message at all, or got it pretty late

If this dialog box is dismissed, the user cannot request confirmation code again

 There is no option of presenting the customer with a 1-page checkout

 Conclusion for Checkout 

 The checkout is pretty smooth and has useful features. 


Saahil has clarified why this has to be done because different payment methods will incur different fee, therefore all addon fee have to be applied in the last step. Here are his exact words.

“The only reason why all kinds of payment & shipping fees get applied in the last step is because there are several cart rules that are available that compute fees at the last step based on user selection.

E.g., if the user picks online payment (instead of COD), we wouldn’t apply the COD fees in the case. There could be other cases, where some merchants want to levy a charge for a certain payment method such as cheque, or charge more in case of a certain gateway (offering Amex, for example) — all of these cases make it important for us to ensure we calculate shipping and payment charges at the last step.

There are several apps available on the app store such as Transaction Fees, COD Fees, Cart Rules, Flat Shipping Fee, Weight Based Shipping Fee, Per Item Shipping Fees etc.

Hope that makes sense. The one thing we could do, is check if all cart rules imply only ONE option (i.e. customer isn’t going to pick something), we could potentially apply the final value fees at the beginning of the cart session itself. I’ll add this to our product pipeline and will keep you posted if it makes sense to implement.”

My comment, instead of adding the price to cart beforehand, have the user put in an additional note about the additional fee and approx delivery date. This woo-commerce plugin will show what I am talking about.


For an e-commerce store, having a good backend is equally important as having a good frontend. The backend is where all the action takes place. It is where the products are uploaded, the orders are shipped and the entire store is managed.

I will explore all the necessary functionalities that are required to run an e-commerce store.

Inventory Upload – Bulk and Single (Update)

When you start an e-commerce store, the very first thing you do is upload your products on the store. KartRocket gives you the functionality of uploading your products 1 by 1 or all at once by using a bulk import.

Lets explore them each.

Single Product Upload

You can upload a product by going into the Catalog -> Add Products Menu

Here is how the screen looks like

kartrocket product upload

kartrocket product upload

kartrocket product upload 2

kartrocket product upload 2

kartrocket product upload 3

kartrocket product upload 3

The following points are worth noting

Rich editor is present for writing product description

 You can video URL to add video to the product

 You can drag and drop images

 You can re-order images on the fly via drag and drop

 You can add product variations and product attributes

 You can easily add categories

 You can’t put MRP and discounted selling price here

This can be done by using price and special price in the advanced tab. I would suggest to update the labels for clarity.

 Tax class has to be added manually to each product

Let’s look at the advanced end

Here is how it looks

kartrocket product upload advanced tab

kartrocket product upload advanced tab

These points are worth noting

 You can put in SEO related Meta Data here (bulk option also present)

 You can put in ISBN, UPC code here

 You can manually set related products or generate in bulk

 You can set discount for customer groups manually

 You can set reward points per product

If you change product URL, then old URL returns 404 error. Please note the old URL and set a redirect first

 Update : KartRocket Team is working on a solution

Uploading an image with a name that has been uploaded before will cause problems and the new image will not get uploaded. That means that if you have uploaded with name abc.jpg for product 1, then if you upload a completely different image with name abc.jpg to product 2, you will still see the image from product 1. When doing bulk uploads, this can be a lot of trouble.

Bulk Upload

You can import lots of products in bulk by uploading a CSV file with the fields of your choice.

You can use the following fields

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Category (Multi Level)
  • Variations
  • Attributes
  • Price
  • MRP
  • Discounts
  • Quantity
  • Sort Order
  • Weight
  • Product Images

KartRocket Bulk import tool is pretty easy and intuitive to use. You can even save an import as a profile to use the same sheet for a next bulk upload.


That does not mean that it is perfect. In fact, there are many bugs in the bulk upload tool.

Some issues that I have personally faced while using the bulk upload tool

All product images do not get uploaded (no error is thrown either)

Friendly URL is not generated even after using the SEO bulk URL creator and even after clearing cache

Categories are not uploaded perfectly all the time and new categories are created if the categories are not matched to existing ones

Sometimes a blank product is created with price 0 and no images

The bulk upload tool does not recognize file names with .JPG. For example, the tool will recognize image.jpg as image but image.JPG as an xml like file

Using the bulk upload tool causes issues with caching with some customers seeing blank products while no issue being seen by me

Let me share an example of the bulk upload issue. The following image is an image of a product that I uploaded using bulk upload.

KartRocket Bulk Upload Issue

KartRocket Bulk Upload Issue

The product URL is not friendly even after running the SEO tool and clearing cache

The extra images of the product are not uploaded

Since the bulk tool does not show any errors, this has to be tracked manually


 KartRocket offers both single product and bulk product import tools, but both tools have plenty of improvements to be made. 


Order Processing

Now we will see how we can process orders in KartRocket.

Please note that I will not be reviewing order processing using Shiprocket as mentioned in the disclaimer in the beginning of this review.

The screen for processing orders looks like this

KartRocket Order Processing

KartRocket Order Processing

The following points are worth noting

The order status will auto-update if you use ship-rocket

You cannot export specific orders to CSV or excel

SKU for order is visible only after clicking a specific order and checking. This makes making picklists cumbersome

 You can bulk print invoices and shipping labels but the bulk shipping labels and invoices have very little spacing in between, so you have to be careful while tearing them


 KartRocket has a descent order processing system with necessary features. 


Store Design

KartRocket provides quite a detailed level of customization on the store front. You can edit theme colors and various other settings. Here is an overview.


Kartrocket Store Design

Kartrocket Store Design

Let’s see the what the individual options do

Templates – Set your theme

Home Page Slider – If you have a slider on the home page, then set the images for it

Logo – Upload your store logo

Theme Widgets – If theme supports specific widgets, you can customize them here

Standard Widgets – Customize standard widgets

Live Customization – Open the live view and lets you customize

Theme Settings – Lets you customize the theme

Image Dimensions – Lets you set how big your images should look in various parts of the store


 KartRocket offers quite a good level of customization on the frontend level 


KartRocket also allows you to start a blog directly on the store. However, I would not recommend starting a blog on the store itself. It is recommended that you install a blogging CMS like wordpress in a subdirectory so that the blog would be accessible as www.yourstore.com/blog. For help, contact the KartRocket support team.


 KartRocket has a blog functionality, but it is extremely limited 

Coupons (Update)

KartRocket has the functionality of creating coupon codes so that you can use them for marketing purposes. Lets explore the various options available

KartRocket Coupon

KartRocket Coupon

There are quite a lot of options available. Some of the points to note

You can select percentage discount or fixed discount

You can set minimum purchase price

You can select specific product or category for coupon

You can set coupon only for registered customers

You can specify a date range for the coupon

You can specify how many times a coupon can be used

You cannot create coupons in bulk

You cannot set particular user for a coupon

You cannot import coupons, this is useful when distributing physical coupons for promotion

 Update  : KartRocket Team is already working on bulk import and bulk creation of coupons


 The coupon system has plenty of features, but it can still be improved 


Product Reviews (Update)

It’s not secret that product reviews are extremely important for an online store. Most customers will read a product review before making a purchase. This makes a good review system extremely important for an e-commerce store.

Lets see how good is the KartRocket review system really is.

KartRocket Reviews

KartRocket Reviews

Surprisingly, the review system is extremely poor. There are many problems here, let me list out a few.

There is no setting for a reminder email option for reviews

No verified customer reviews

There is no option to respond to customer reviews

Customer reviews can be edited easily by the store owner, thereby defeating the purpose

There is an option of adding new reviews manually from the backend, totally not trustworthy

There is no rich snippet support on reviews

Rich Snippets are supported. My bad. Time to update to v2 theme.

Update: KartRocket has integrated Yotpo with their stores, which solves many of the problems listed above. However, its a freemium solution.


 KartRocket in built review system is extremely poor and un-trustworthy and needs major improvements. . You can however use a 3rd party review system like Yotpo to solve these issues.


SEO Related Features

A good SEO strategy can bring in regular traffic to an online store. For search engines to properly index your website, a good architecture is extremely important. I will try to cover most of on-page SEO elements and see where KartRocket holds up.

Let’s review the KartRocket SEO features.

When I go to the app section, I see 3 apps dedicated for SEO.

KartRocket SEO apps

KartRocket SEO apps

I have the 3rd app activated on my store. Let’s see the app features.


KartRocket SEO

KartRocket SEO

The app can bulk generate category page URLs, product URLs and other meta information at the click of a button.

There are pros and cons of this.

The URLs become extremely easy to generate

The app does not redirect old URLs to new ones. If you change your URL structure, all old links return 404 errors. That means all the effort going into link building will be ruined if you change URL structure without manually setting up redirects.

While there is a redirect app, which helps you redirect old URL’s to new ones, there is an issue. If you bulk export all products to export URLs, the product who’s status is off will be missing from the export. You have to go into the product details to extract the URL manually and set up a redirect. This becomes extremely cumbersome when number of products go up.

There is no record of all 404 errors which show up. This can be very useful for redirecting old URL’s to category pages. This is great for SEO and UX as well. This cannot be extracted from the server logs either as there is no access.

Category page URLs are always present in the product URL making the product URL extremely long.

KartRocket Product URL

KartRocket Product URL


The SEO app is buggy and does not always generate the appropriate URLs. Here is an example.

KartRocket SEO Bug

KartRocket SEO Bug

In this, case the product SKU became the URL, even after the app setting is done at product name.

The unlimited scroll via Ajax is not paginated as per Google guidelines and many of your products will not be indexed because of that. That is bad for SEO.

There is absolutely no support for rich snippets. Not for products, not for reviews.

KartRocket inserts a backlink to their site on all pages of your website. This is a poor and shady SEO practice.  Update  According to Saahil, all the store are run from the same IP which technically should not give any SEO benefit. Let’s test that theory. 😀

I ran the query “ecommerce software” in incognito mode without quotes.

KartRocket SEO

KartRocket SEO

They are the 8th result.


Now I ran “ecommerce software India” in incognito mode without quotes.

KartRocket SEO India

KartRocket SEO India

2nd result. Not bad at all.

I decided to go one step further. I checked the query “ecommerce software india” without quotes in Tor. This is what I got.

KartRocket SEO Tor

KartRocket SEO Tor

2nd Organic result. Not bad at all.

This result might be because of their SEO, not because of the links. Perhaps some SEO expert can weigh in.


Duplicate Content (Update)

Duplicate content on KartRocket is such a big issue that I will dedicate some time to explain the issue in detail.

Saahil has clarified that multi product category and sort option and correctly mapped via the canonical tag, thus eliminating the duplicate content problem. The reason I wrote about this is because I discovered the issue long back and fixed it via Google Webmaster Tools then. I should have rechecked before posting this.

Let us consider a scenario in which a product on your store in present in 3 categories.

Store->Category 1->Product 1

Store->Category 2->Product 1

Store->Category 3->Product 1

Search engines are not smart enough to understand this yet. They will scan your store and find the same product in 3 categories, then they will mark this as duplicate content i.e you are using the same content and repeating it on multiple areas of your website.

The solution to this problem is via using a <ref canonical> tag. By using this tag, you tell the search engine about 1 copy of the product that you want to be indexed. The search engine will understand that the rest are copies of the same.

The categories will look like this in that scenario.

Store->Category 1->Product 1

Store->Category 2->Product 1 [<ref canonical  category 1 -> Product 1]

Store->Category 2->Product 1 [<ref canonical category 1 > Product 1]

This way the search engine will know that the original product is in category 1 and category 2 and category 3 are displaying the same product.


Surprisingly, KartRocket does not implement canonical tags anywhere , this causes a ton of duplicate to be created on your website.  This was fixed already. See my comments above.

To put this in perspective, let’s take a real life example.

Let’s assume you are selling T-shirts online. You have a product, a red tshirt in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) with a funny graphic on it.

Now the many ways the customer can look for the tshirt will be:

Store -> Size M -> Product

Store -> Red Tshirt -> Product

Store ->Tshirt Category -> Product

Store -> Red Color -> Product

Store -> Funny -> Product

Store -> Sale -> Product

In all these cases, the same product will be accessible by different URLs, thus creating duplicate content.

The issue is exaggerated greatly by how KartRocket handles filtering of products. Let’s get into some examples.

Here is the category page for Dressmyphone Moto E 2nd Generation Covers.

KartRocket Duplicate Content

KartRocket Duplicate Content

Notice the sorting options and the page URL.

Now I will sort products differently.

KartRocket Duplicate Content Issue

KartRocket Duplicate Content Issue

Yikes! An entirely new URL! This means with every filtering that you apply, duplicate content is being created for every product. This is a gigantic problem as so much duplicate content can get you penalized. This was fixed before I wrote this.


But wait, there’s more!

If this much duplicate content wasn’t enough, there is another duplicate content issue that is probably the biggest. Its related to the product search.

How does the product search create duplicate content? Let me show you how.

Let’s say I am looking for Sony Xperia C3 covers on Dressmyphone. I type it into the search bar and get to this page.

KartRocket Search

KartRocket Search

If you notice there is an entirely new URL created on which these products are shown. For the search engine this should be new content, but since its the same products this will increase the amount of duplicate content.

Now think about this, how many words do you think the customer can type into the search that will show any kind of products? Probably unlimited. For every new search performed, there will be duplicate content created.

To make the problem even worse, there are filtering options on the page that will create yet more URLs and all of those will make the duplicate content problem worse.

 Update  Currently my website shows no duplicate content from search, even if it does, it can be fixed via parameter handling in webmaster tools.

To understand the duplicate content issue, read this article.

To tackle this issue somewhat, read this official guide from Google.



 KartRocket has a extremely poor SEO feature base and it needs drastic improvement.

KartRocket has good SEO features, however, some small features, 404 handling, redirection can be improved to be more easy and automated. 


KartRocket API (Update)

API stands for Application Programmable Interface. In the simplest of words, its how 2 softwares can communicate with each other.

KartRocket provides an API for doing things programatically that can help automate many of the day to day tasks.

The API is available here. Lets see what it offers.

The following API calls are available

KartRocket API

KartRocket API

Since going into each call and reviewing it will be another post in itself, I will just highlight the basic functionalities that are available.

You can add new products

You can add orders manually

You can fetch product data

You can fetch order information

You can update product information

You can update order information

API is extremely slow

API is very limited, you can only do basic updates, fetches

The API documentation should be more detailed

There are no hooks for detailed functionality

 Update:  Some API calls have been sped up already and more comprehensive API is coming very soon


 KartRocket does have an API but its extremely limited. You can get some amount of automation done via the API. 


Performance (Update)

In performance, I will be testing loading times and page optimizations done by KartRocket. I will use a service known as gtmetrix.com for this test.

Let’s see how the test goes.

KartRocket Speed

KartRocket Speed

As you can see, the page loading time is extremely poor, close to 4 seconds and the page size is around 1 MB. This is poor performance.

Let’s see specific issues.

KartRocket Javascript Issues

KartRocket Javascript Issues

Around 600 KB of Javascript is loaded each time the page is loaded. This is poor optimiation.

Javascript should be loaded at the end of the page, this will atleast double the website loading speed

Jquery Library is being locally loaded (170 Kb). This is just a waste of resources and bandwidth.

 Update : KartRocket is slowly moving all their stores on the superfast CDN and host Akamai. This should increase performance significantly. Also, the Javascript issue has been clarified. For the store to load correctly, some Javascript needs to be loaded upfront. Also, it is cached once loaded so it does not impact performace. The slow loads are probably network latency and slow server response, both of which should go away after the move to Akamai.


 KartRocket Store has descent performance and the team is already taking steps to improve store performance manyfodl 


Missing Features and Bugs

While I have already mentioned all the basic missing features in particular sections of this KartRocket review, I will jot down the most important missing features here again. I will also list down the most common bugs that I have found while using this platform.

I will divide these by categories as I have done this review.


Missing Features

Here is a master list that jots down all the essential features that KartRocket does not have

KartRocket Missing Features
No rich menu options
No option to push specific products to homepage
No option to bulk re-order products
No ajax search
Search is not logged
No option cofigure mis-spellings for search
COD fee is applied at the last step in checkout
No option to see abandoned cart
No option to email abandoned cart customers
No rich snippet support
No option for customers to opt-in for notifications for OOS products
No option to customize user emails
Non Shiprocket customers will not be able to send tracking link in emails
No option to put MRP and selling price while uploading single product
No category level tax implementation
No picklist creation option
No advanced blogging features
No feature for Bulk coupon generation
No feature for coupon code import
Poor review system
No automatic redirection for old URL
No 404 logging
Long friendly URL
Ajax search is bad for indexing
Lots of duplicate content creation
Extremely limited API
Slow API performance
No hooks
Extremely slow store performance
Poor on page Javascript performance
Affiliate Program is extremely limited
3rd Party cannot develop plugins

Known Bugs

I have found and reported plenty of bugs to the KartRocket team many times. Here is a list that jots down all of the ones I know of.

KartRocket Missing Features
Product search always searches exact terms
Bulk import tool does not throw any errors
Bulk import tool does not import all images
Bulk import tool does not support remote images
Bulk import sometimes messes with the cache
Images with same file names causes problems
master export does not export products with status off
Product reviews can be fully edited and changed from backend
Customer search using e-mail address does not work
SEO tool does not regenerate URLs properly many times


KartRocket Support

While support is a subjective matter, I can share my personal experience with KartRocket support issues.

I have had a low number of problems with KartRocket in the first place. For each issue, I raised a ticket via KartRocket support. The response times aren’t extremely great, but the issues have been resolved fairly quickly. It’s worth noting that I have had issues resolved much quickly if I contact my account manager via phone directly.


 KartRocket support is good. For critical issues, you should contact your account manager for faster resolution. 


Everything Else

This post is already 4500+ words long, phew! In this section I would like to point an important consideration you should make when start an online store. I am specifically talking about choosing between a hosted solution vs a self hosted solution.

The discussion comes down to Speed vs Flexibility. When you choose a hosted solution you can go live pretty faster (speed) but you lose all kinds of flexibility. Also, you are essentially locked in with CMS that the hosted solution provides.

Consider this.

If instead of KartRocket, if I used OpenCart to run my store. I would have had to spend some money to get started, but I would have much more flexibility to add features on the fly. If I wanted to get a better review system, all I had to do was find a compatible plugin and boom, the feature would be present. With KartRocket, this is not an option, even when KartRocket is based entirely on OpenCart. Even if I request a certain feature, there is no guarantee that this feature will be even present in KartRocket at all. Personally, I find that situation hard to be in.



KartRocket is a great solution for people with limited technical skills to get started. It is also a workable solution for someone who wants to validate their idea quickly and cheaply. However, for a serious e-commerce business, I wouldn’t advice KartRocket as a solution to go for. It might be useful to get started, but not when you want to seriously grow your business.


Bonus TLDR

Not everyone will read the entire article, and that’s ok.

For the busy people, I will make a simple table of where KartRocket shines and where it needs to be shined.

Where KartRocket Shines

KartRocket Positive Points
Quick and Easy Set Up
Affordable Plans
Automated Shipping
Many Themes Available
Facebook Login
Free Payment Gateway Integration
COD and Mobile Number Verification
Customizable Front End
Bulk Order Processing

Where KartRocket Fails to Shine

KartRocket Negative Points
Poor Top Menu Options
Limited Product Search
Buggy Bulk Import
Limited Blogging Platform
Poor Product Review Features
No Rich Snippet Support
Extremely Poor SEO Features
Limited and Slow API
Poor Store Speed

Now that you have a good idea about KartRocket features. Let me know you thoughts in the comments.

Would you use KartRocket to launch your online store? Are you an existing KartRocket customer? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



  1. hey! nice article. thanks for sharing the information. have you done with your website ? i want to talk to you! can you share your contact details pls.. i have seen in your website but it says 0000000

    • Hey Ravi, that’s an issue with Kartrocket. we don’t have phone support but you can’t leave it blank.
      If you want to get in touch then hit me up via facebook messenger, or leave your number here, ill ping you. Or email me st yuvraj at dressmyphone dot in

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