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Resizing Images

Using and Resizing Images

Whether you are blogging or or selling online, you will work with a lot of images.
You want your images to look good, but have small size as well.
Of course you can use Photoshop or GIMP to resize your images, but they require specific skills.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool to easily resize and modify your images?


There is, its called XnConvert.


Why XnConvert?


XnConvert is a great image resizing utility available for Windows and Mac.
With XnConvert, you can resize images in bulk.
Not only that, you can perform hundreds of different actions to your images in just a few clicks.

XnConvert Is A Bulk Resizer

XnConvert is a bulk conversion software. That means it can process thousands of images easily.

This is great if you are selling online. If you open an online store, you will have hundreds and even thousands of images. Resizing images one by one will take forever.

If you are providing your images to marketplaces, they will optimize images for you.
But you still have to upload them and host your images with Google Drive or a similar service.
You will waste a lot of time to upload huge images which will then be optimized by them again.

It makes much more sense to optimize images before you upload them.


XnConvert is absolutely free to use!

What Can XnConvert Do?

From the XnConvert Website

“XnConvert is a powerful and free cross-platform batch image processor, allowing you to combine over 80 actions. Compatible with 500 formats.”

With XnConvert You Can

  1. Add a pre-defined mask to images
  2. Crop Images
  3. Mirror images
  4. Change Color Profile for images
  5. Rotate images
  6. Apply Watermark to images
  7. Write Text on Images
  8. Increase Canvas Size
  9. Set DPI of images
  10. Apply effects to images

and many more, to hundreds of images in just a few clicks.

Let me show you a quick demo on quickly and easily you can resize images.

I have collected a few game covers, a total of 1400 images. The total size of the images is around 750 MB.

Game Cover Image Collection

Game Cover Image Collection


Image Sizes Before Converting

Image Sizes Before Converting

Lets try to resize these images via XnConvert.

Step 1 : Download And Install Xnconvert
You can download XnCovert here. Its a small utility and installs pretty quickly.

Step 2 : Start XnConvert and drag and drop all the images into it.

You can drop in images from many folders.

Im going to drag all the files into XnConvert. All the images are quickly recognized.

Here is how it looks.

Drag Images to XnConvert

Drag Images to XnConvert

Step 3 : Go to the Actions tab, click Add Action
I’m going to add the resize action as I want to save space.

Add Action 'Resize'

Add Action ‘Resize’

Step 4: Configure Actions
For this example, I will set a maximum height of 1200 pixels. This would be enough for storing cover art.

Selecting Size for Resizing

Selecting Size for Resizing

Step 5: Go to Output Tab and select output settings
There are quite a few options here. The settings I have used are:
Output Path : I will move all converted files to a new folder. You can keep them in their original folders if you like.
Output Format : I have converted all files to JPG format with 75% quality.
Output Filename : I have kept original filename as I am saving to a new folder.
Other Settings : There are more settings which you can use as per your needs.

Configure Output

Configure Output

Step 6 : Press Convert

The process will begin and all the images will be resized as per your configuration.
Here is the output screen that I got.

XnConvert Output

XnConvert Output

1477 images resized in just 10 minutes!
Let see how much the file size has reduced.

New File Size
Over 500 MB saved!
I can’t stress enough how much bandwidth this will save you.

You might be thinking, there are hundreds of batch image processors out there, what makes XnConvert special?

There are many things that give XnConvert the edge over the others.

I’ll show you some of the features which make it one of the best image processors.

You Can Stack Actions On Top Of Each Other To Perform Multiple Actions

This alone deserves a lot of praise. With XnConvert, you can apply multiple actions to your images.

For example, you can resize all your images to have 1500 pixel width, rotate them by 90°s, and mirror them horizontally. You can also set JPEG quality to 70% and give all these new images a new name.
All with a few simple clicks.

Here is an image that shows you how it looks with XnConvert.

Multiple Stacked Actions

Multiple Stacked Actions

Imagine trying to do this individually using GIMP or Photoshop.

Option To Overwrite Old File Or Create A New One

You can choose to overwrite the old image file or create a new one. This is a useful feature.

Create new image or overwrite old one

Create new image or overwrite old one

Option To Name The New File As Per Convenience

You can name the new files with a new name or add a prefix/suffix.
Not only that, you have hundreds of other parameters to choose from. No other tool comes even close to providing these options.

Image Rename Options in XnConvert

Image Rename Options in XnConvert

Perform Conversions And Actions Together

This feature is pretty useful as well. If you use the screenshots a lot, you know about the software Jing. Surprisingly, Jing saves all screesshots in png format.

Problem is, png images are usually larger is size. Using them on your website is a waste of bandwidth.

It will also slow down your website considerably.

With XnConvert, you can take care of this very quickly.

While performing any action, just select the output format to JPG. Once you perform the actions, all the images will be converted to JPG format.


Image Conversion Options

Image Conversion Options in XnConvert

Option To See Live Preview

This feature will save you a lot of rework. When you add any actions, the live preview window on the right will update to show you the final image you will get.

This feature is pretty useful when you are applying masks or cropping many images.

As soon as you apply any action to your images, you will see a live preview of how your image will look after the actions are applied.

You can also toggle between the original and modified with the ‘space’ key.

With the arrow keys you can see previews for all your images. Its a great way to make sure that all your actions are applied correctly.

Live Preview in XnConvert

Live Preview

Filtering Options On Images

This feature is pretty useful when you are adding folders with many types of files.

Suppose you have many folders with lots of images and text files. You can go to each folder and add the images to XnConvert yourself.

A better way would be select all the folders and add them to Xnconvert. Then search for all ‘txt’ files and remove them.

Filtering Options in XnConvert

Filtering Options in XnConvert

PS: Even if you leave the txt files there, XnConvert will just ignore them. Great right?

Profile Saves For Future Use

If you have to apply the same set of actions to images regularly, then it is time consuming to configure XnConvert each time you do so.

To avoid this, you can save your actions as a profile and then load the profile whenever you want to apply the actions. It’s a great time saver.

Profiles in XnConvert

Profiles in XnConvert




Enough with all the theory, I’ll show how I used XnConvert to prepare images for this very blog post.

Here are the screenshots that I took using Jing for this blog post.

Images for Post

Images for Post

I will drag the images in XnConvert, and use the following settings:

Settings for Blog Post Images

Settings for Blog Post Images

In just a few seconds, all the images are now converted to JPG, and the file size is also lower than before.

I chose a size of 1000 pixels with 90% quality, otherwise the savings would have been much higher.

Now I will upload all the images to this post without having to resize them at all.

All that in just a few seconds.



Images are here to stay and you will likely see more images in the near future.

As a blogger or online seller, managing and resizing images can be a challenge.

Using utilities like XnConvert can make the job much easier and simpler.

Do you have any questions about XnConvert? Facing any challenges?
Ask me in the comments, I respond to every single one.

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