How To Use Google Drive to Upload Products to Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart

Google Drive

How To Use Google Drive to Upload Products to Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart

Unfortunately, this method of serving images via Google Drive is no longer supported by Google. I will update this article with any new methods that I find.


As an active online seller, a quick way to increase your sales is to expand your catalog. New products will attract new buyers.

But, adding new products to the Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal Marketplace is not an easy task. With a large number of products, the process becomes more complicated.

A critical part of submitting your catalog to marketplaces is submitting your images. If you are listing only a few products, this is not a problem. But if you are uploading a lot of products, it can be pretty time consuming to attach all the images.

I’ll tell you an easier way to make sure all your images get uploaded to all marketplaces.

I’ll upload and host the images with Google Drive.

What to do before uploading your images

Attractive product images are necessary to sell online. Good images ensure that more customers will buy from you.

Your images should follow some best practices to be accepted at marketplaces.

Make sure that,

  1. Images have a pure white background.
  2. The longer edge has a size of at least 1000 pixels. If its more, its better.
  3. Images have proper focus and are not blurry.
  4. Leave a 10-15% white margins on the edges.
  5. Certain categories have specific mandatory views. Make sure you have have all the necessary mandatory views.
  6. Images are re-sized. While all marketplaces re-size your images, re-sizing yourself will speed up the upload process . To learn how to re-size and process images in bulk, check out this. [Link]
  7. Have proper naming. Each market-place has a different naming convention to follow. Make sure that the images have correct names.

Different formats for presenting images to marketplaces

Every marketplace has their convention for managing images. Currently, Snapdeal requires all the image names in a specific format and the images. Images should be in a zip or rar format. Flipkart and Amazon don’t need the images, but links to the images.

Simply, these are the only 2 ways required to provide images. Either provide the images or provide the image Url.

I will show you how to do both easily and quickly.

Google drive is easy and free

The reason I chose Google Drive for this tutorial is simple. Almost everyone has a Google Account and with every Google Account cover 15GB of space free. That’s a lot of space for a lot of images. In case your Google Drive is full, you can buy more storage for a small fee.

If you don’t have free Google Drive space then you can buy extra storage. You will also get 30 GB of space per account. Here is a couple of coupon codes to get you a discount on Google Apps. (Only applicable in India).



You can see more information here:

Uploading the images to Google Drive

There are 2 ways to upload your images to Google Drive. You can download Google Drive windows app here or use the Google Drive Web App.

I prefer the web app. If you have un-synced files on your computer, then all the files will start syncing. On the web app, you can select the files you want to upload.

I will show you the process for uploading images on the web app.

1. Go to and log in with your Google Account.

2. Create a public folder. To do this follow the steps below.

a. Create a folder by clicking ‘New’ or by pressing ‘c’ on the keyboard.

Create a new folder in Google Drive

Create a new folder in Google Drive


b. Select folder.

c. Name the new folder anything you like.

Renaming Google Drive folder

Renaming Google Drive folder

d. Go to sharing settings, then advanced, then click the option ‘public on the web’. See the screenshots below to understand how.

Opening Sharing Settings

Opening Sharing Settings


Click Advanced

Click Advanced


Changing Access to Folder

Changing Access to Folder


Making it Public

Making it Public

This will make the contents of the folder publicly accessible. This is important as you have to give market-places access to your images. Rest of the data in Google Drive will still be private.

Making the folder public is not optional. Without this step, the images hosting links for Google Drive you will create will not work.

If you did it right, you will notice that the folder icon will change to reflect this update.

Sharing Access Changed

Sharing Access Changed

3. Upload the images.

You can drag and drop all the images to the Google Drive folder. If you have an rar file for Snapdeal, upload that too.

I would recommend renaming your images to a recognizable format. Proper names will help identify problems easily.

You can drag and drop individual files or entire folders. I recommend uploading file by file so you can resume the upload in case of a connection problem.

I have uploaded around a 1000 files at once too with no problem. The time to upload will depend on your internet connection speed.

Here is a screenshot of a drag and drop of images.

Uploading on Google Drive

Uploading on Google Drive


Once you start the upload, your screen should look something like this:

Google Drive Product Upload

Google Drive Product Upload

Creating URL’s

Once the uploads are complete, you will create url for giving access to the the images. If you uploaded a zip file the url will give access to the zip file too.

The format which Google Drive supports is as follows.<folder ID>/<image name>/ 


Here, the folder ID is an unique that Google assigns to that folder. You can find out the folder ID by checking the URL from inside the folder.

Getting Folder ID for Google Drive

Getting Folder ID for Google Drive


So if your image name is ‘green-dupatta-55.jpg’, then the direct Url for the image would be (This won’t work obviously).

Testing the URL’s

Once you have created the Url’s for your images, you should check the Url.

To do that, open an incognito tab in chrome by presseing Ctrl+Shift+N.

Once the incognito tab is open, enter the url you created in the previous step and access it.

Google Drive Image URL verification

Google Drive Image URL verification

In a couple of seconds, your images should show or start loading. This means there were no problems.


Link Works

Notice the new URL that was created autmatically. You do not need to copy this URL. The URL you created will still work.

In case you get a Google Drive login page, then there is a problem. Double check if the Google Drive folder is public and the images were uploaded correctly.

Things to Remeber

Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, PayTM, all will accept the above URL format. Once they process your catalog, they will copy the image to their servers.

That means once your products are uploaded, you can safely delete all the images from Google Drive.


There are many ways to host images and Google Drive is one of the fastest, reliable and easiest way to upload your catalog and host your images.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know in the comments. I respond to every single question and comment.

How do you currently upload your images to marketplaces? I would love to know.

  1. Shwetha Jagannath

    Hi Yuvraj, I have one basic question on this. Consider this – I have filled the excel sheet for Snapdeal with all the requested details. Henceforth,I would be uploading the pictures on Google Drive as shown. However help me understand this – The Excel worksheet i have filled did not ask for the link, picture was hosted on.
    Since these have been done independently, how does my information go adjoint with the picture ?

    • Its based on the names you have given the images. Earlier, when you had to upload images manually, the images had to be names in a format something like _M_2x.jpg

      I still use the same image names and out the names of the images in front of the sku. The images are then mapped to your sku by names that you provide in the sheet.

  2. Hi Yuvraj. Great tutorial. I make and sell t-shirts on amazon and have a LOT of images that I need to upload and get a URL for my .txt file. I would love to use my google drive to do this and don’t mind paying to upgrade for more space. My concern is.. Ok, let’s say I have 1000 images of 1000 white t-shirt designs and I have uploaded them into a folder marked ‘white-t’ then will I be able to easily use the same URL but just change the last part to coincide with what I named each file? For instance, if one is named ‘0001’ and the next is ‘0002’, etc. will I be able to use the same URL path but just change the end to be ‘0001.jpg’? This is of great importance to me.
    Again, thanks for the hard work you put into making this lovely tutorial.

    • Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. What you mentioned is correct. If you upload all the images in the same drive, then just by changing the filename in the url you should be able to generate the link for the image. If it didn’t this tutorial wouldn’t be of much help.

      However, this technique doesn’t work anymore. I have a couple of solutions that I am working with. I will update the post with those methods very soon. Just reply to the comment if you still need any help. 🙂

  3. hello yuvraj,
    we are facing a serious issue,
    we are doing everything right as mentioned above but links are not working,
    sometimes links open and after few minutes links are not working.
    amazon is showing error that links are not accessible,
    even when we done the links publicly accessible.
    Is there any other website or way to do uploading?

      • We checked the links first they are not working,but after refreshing 2-3 times they start working but we have to do with every single link.
        we are trying to upload 650 images at one time.

  4. Thank you for this article, it was very helpful. However, as of today, it is no longer working for me. Did Google stop offering this functionality?
    -My Folder is still set to public
    -I have the correct folder key in the link, as well as the correct image names

    Please let me know what you think may have happened to make the images stop working. I either get error 502 (temporary server error) or error 404 (page not found)

  5. Hi Yuvraj,
    I see that this solution is no longer working, are you aware of any workarounds, or similar solutions allowing for bulk image upload and URL derivation?

    Thanks for your assistance.

  6. Please update at the beginning of this article that this no longer works. I set mine up a month ago and it worked fine and now I uploaded over 3000 images and find that it no longer works. I am glad I scrolled down here eventually to find out that I can’t use google drive to sell on amazon. this sucks.

  7. hi Yuvraj,
    can amazon provides the accessibility to get the information of buying product as use in third party application to show all details…like that i buy any product from amazon , and i want to show all the details of that product like brand, price, item on third party application after login amazon application in my application.. is it possible or not to get product details?

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