Flipkart SPF Claim – How And When To Claim It

Flipkart SPF Claim

Flipkart SPF Claim – How When and Why?

As an online seller, you know that product returns are inevitable. For certain categories, the percentage of returns can be as high as 40%. Some of these returns are genuine, but many are not. Flipkart has a easy product return policy and buyers sometimes lose money because of this.

To solve this problem, Flipkart has introduced a solution.

The solution is Seller Protection Fund or SPF.

This SPF allows sellers to claim damages on products that are returned by customers.

SPF allows you to get 100% money back in cases where damaged products are returned.

Keep reading to understand how it works.

Why Do Customers Return Products

There are 2 scenarios in which a seller will get returns.

Scenario 1

Customer refused to accept the product.
In this case you do not need to do anything.

Scenario 2

Customer received the product, but returned it after using it.

As a seller, returns in scenario number 2 affect your seller rating on Flipkart. If your seller rating goes down, then your business will go down as well.

You will get returns for both scenarios.

In both cases, you should inspect the product for any damages.

In both cases, you as a seller is not at fault and should not be penalized. For this reason, Flipkart has introduced the SPF claim process.

Important Note

You can only claim a SPF when the product you shipped had no problems. If the product you shipped was bad, then your claim can be denied.

SPF Claim Guidelines

There are no rigid guidelines for submitting an SPF claim.

You can use a simple rule of thumb to know whether you should submit an SPF claim.

If you are losing money in the transaction, you should claim SPF.

That means if the product returned by the customer is damaged, make an SPF claim.

If the packaging is missing or damaged which makes the product un sell able, make an SPF claim.

But, if a product is returned in original condition, then do not make an SPF claim.

In that case, you should contact seller support and have your ratings reversed.


How To Start An SPF Claim On Flipkart


As of today, you have start an SPF claim within 14 days of getting a returned order.

Before I show you the process of initiating an SPF claim, remember.

Always open your returned products while recording them.

I would recommend taking a video instead of pictures as video shows much more details.

You can always extract images from videos but not vice versa.

Remember, images supporting your claim are mandatory to even start an SPF claim.

Without detailed images, your claim will have little chance of being granted.

How To Make an SPF Claim

To file an SPF claim, log into your seller panel, and click ‘contact seller support’ in the top right corner. It will take you to a new screen.

How to Contact Seller Support

How to Contact Seller Support

There are 3 ways to contact seller support, phone, chat and email. For a SPF claim, email is preferred. Click on the link to open a new page.

Create Ticket in Flipkart Support

Create Ticket in Flipkart Support

In the query box, choose the reason as ‘SPF claim’.

Select SPF Claim

Select SPF Claim

You will need the order ID and order item ID to file a claim.

You can find the order ID and order item ID from your ‘Returns Dashboard’. See the image below to see how.

Getting Order Id and Order Item ID

Getting Order Id and Order Item ID

After filling the order ID and order item ID, you have to fill the subject and body of the email. Here is a basic script that you can use.

Subject: Filing SPF claim for  (order ID)

Body: Respected Flipkart Team,

A customer has returned an order with (order Id).

The issue mentioned by the customer is (Reason).

But, the claim by the customer is invalid because (explanation).

I have attached relevant images to support my claim.

Request you to go through the claim and reverse my ratings and refund the appropriate amount.

Thank you.

After this, attach all the relevant images and click submit.

Submitting a Claim

Submitting a Claim

That’s it, your claim is submitted.

Tracking SPF Claims on Flipkart

Tracking your claims is easy.

Inside your Flipkart seller panel, go to ‘Contact Seller Support’.

How to Contact Seller Support

How to Contact Seller Support

Select the ‘SPF Claims’ tab.

Track SPF Claims

Track SPF Claims

You will see all your claims with their updates.

If you have any issues with a claim decision, then you can contact seller support with your problem.


Returns are inevitable, but they should not slow your business.

By being a smart seller, you can manage and grow your business.

What other initiatives do you think Flipkart should take to enhance the seller experience? Let me know in the comments.

  1. we received a return request from flipkart after a 10 day return policy – we denied the return but your team insisted us to replace the same and claim spf today the ekart team arrived with the parcel in such a horrible condition that no vendor would accept the shipment – 1 the original box in which the shipment was sent it missing 2 the shipment has no cover bubble wrap or thermocol inside 3 the shipment was loosely packed which is obvious that it is totally damaged in transit 4 there is no care taken for the return the ekart team just dumped it into the store we have attached an image of the same

    we have 2 complaints where we have insisted not to accept return as there is an onsite service from the manufacturer as it doesnt come under the replacement policy — but there was no response from your team and the return was accepted and they didnt cancel the replacement order.
    reference numbers : 161016-000682 and 161016-004053
    Order Item ID: 5713968185676300
    Return Detail
    Return ID: 1020733735949177838
    Oct 15, 2016

    • I have many horror stories to share as well. I received 3 shipments where the packaging was torn and there was nothing inside. After months of trying to explain to flipkart I just wrote the loss off and moved on.

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