Amazon Launches Runway – A Free Customer Support Service For Easy Ship Sellers

Amazon Runway – Customer Support for Easy Ship Sellers

If you are an Amazon seller who uses Amazon’s Easy Ship service, then you are in for some good news.

Amazon has made 2 major announcements that will help sellers manage their business better on Amazon.

The first is a service called Runway which is a free customer support service for all sellers.

The other is SAFE-T which a process for claiming reimbursements for damaged products returned by Amazon or buyers.

Currently, Amazon is the only marketplace that allows free buyer and seller communication via email.

This facility, while good for customers, is sometimes problematic for sellers as the customers queries can pile up for high volume sellers.

Since its mandatory to respond to all buyer communication within 24 hours, sellers had to hire additional help just to manage buyer seller communication.

With the roll-out of this service, the entire buyer seller communication will be handeled by Amazon.

Amazon customers will get 24×7 customer support through phone (English and Hindi), email and chat.

Additional details about Amazon Runway Service are below.

  • Buyers will get 24×7 support over email, chat and phone (Hindi and English)
  • Sellers will not recieve and buyer communication for Easy Ship orders. All buyers will contact Amazon for order related queries
  • Amazon will handle buyer cancellation requests for orders that have not been shipped
  • Amazon will automatically evaluate returns and accept and decline returns as per Amazon return policy
  • Additional facility called SAFE-T is announced which will protect sellers from losses. Sellers will be able to claim against defective returns. This is similar to Flipkart SPF claim.
  • Refunds for returned orders will still be handled by sellers, but if refund is not done within 2 days, then Amazon Customer Support can refund the buyers as per agreed terms.

SAFE-T By Amazon

SAFE_T is short for Seller Assurance for Ecommerce Transactions which is a process by which sellers can claim reimbursements for goods that were returned in damaged condition.

This is applicable for both Easy Ship returns as well as customer returns.

Details about SAFE-T

  • This service is currently available only for sellers who are enrolled in the Runway Program
  • All SAFE-T claims will be undertaken by Amazon under discretion and the decision would be final
  • SAFE-T will also be applicable in cases where a refund has already been processed to the customer and the product is returned damaged.
  • SAFE-T will also be applicable if a returned item is not delivered within 30 days of return request being placed and refund already provided to the customer

Important Points To Note About SAFE-T

In case if a customer has been refunded by Amazon and the returned product has been damaged, seller would be eligible for reimbursement under SAFE-T.

However, the Amazon will only refund you the original price minus the residual price. As per Amazon, the the current residual price is set at 55% of the product’s selling price.

So, if you sell a product worth 1000 Rs, in this case you will only receive a reimbursement of 450 Rs if your product is damaged.

Also, all SAFE-T claims must be made within 7 days of recieveing the damaged product.

Here is the process to claim a SAFE-T

  1. Inside your Amazon Account, go to Contact Us and select the reason “Customer and Orders”
  2. Enter the Order ID for which SAFE-T claim is being filed, then click next.
  3. Select the option “File a SAFE-T claim”
  4. Provide the reason for filing the claim and upload supporting document as requested.
  5. You will updates for the SAFE-T claim on the email ID configured in seller central.


  • Amazon is rolling out a service called Runway for Easy ship sellers
  • All Easy ship sellers will automatically be enrolled in the service on 19th May 2016
  • Sellers can request to opt out of this program by contacting seller support
  • SAFE-T is a seller protection service similar to Flipkart SPF claim where sellers can claim for damaged goods
  • SAFE-T will be available only for sellers who are enrolled in the runway program


What do you think, will the service be useful for sellers? Let me know in the comments.

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